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Q: Does AeroBus have compartments for luggage?
A: Yes. There are ample compartments for luggage and our staff is more than happy to help you load your luggage into the compartment. If you can’t unload your luggage yourself, please approach one of our ground staff and of course they will be happy to assist you.
Q: What is the seating arrangement on the bus?
A: There are two seats on either side of the bus with an aisle in the middle. Whether you book your bus ticket in advance or on the spot, inside the bus there is free seating (no seats are assigned upon ticket purchase, it’s first-come-first-serve).
Naturally, if you have any special requests please get in touch with our customer support or ground staff and we will do our best to fulfill any requests you may have.
Q: What is the seating capacity of AeroBus?
A: All our AeroBus can seat 40 people comfortably.
Q: Where can I find more information about klia2 or gateway@klia2?
A: You can find more information about KLIA2 on the official KLIA2 website: or
Q: Where is the pick up and drop off point at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang?
A: Right at the back of Aeon Mall in between the new building.
Q: What do I do if I have a complaint or feedback?
A: We welcome all comments or complaint and if you do have any, please send your feedback via
Q: Is AeroBus schedule fixed and on-time based on the schedule?
A: Yes. AeroBus is always paying attention to punctuality of our buses timing and schedule. However, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, timing may be compromised. Rest assured, we have enough buses on standby to stand in should any unforeseen event occur, and our staff will keep informed in such events.
Q: Is AeroBus service available daily from Monday to Sunday?
A: AuroBus operates daily from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. Please refer to our schedule for route schedule for KLIA, klia2, Kelana Jaya (Paradigm Mall), Klang (Premiere Hotel), KL Sentral & Genting Highlands.
Q: How do I make a booking for groups larger than 20?
A: Please contact our group booking division at for enquiries of more than 20 persons, so we can make the necessary arrangement together.
Q: Is the ticket price the same regardless of time of departure?
A: All ticket prices are same regardless of time of departure.
Q: Where can I buy the bus ticket?
A: You can purchase you ticket via for all destinations. Ticket can be purchased via cash too at AeroBus ticketing counter at Paradigm Mall (Kelana Jaya), KL Sentral, Premiere Hotel (Klang), Genting Highlands & Tun Aminah Bus Terminal (Johor Bahru). We strongly recommend you to book online enjoy AeroBus festive promotions from time to time
Q: Can I purchase the bus tickets in advance?
A: Yes. You can purchase your ticket on
Q: Are there any terms and conditions attached to the price?
A: Yes. Please read our terms and conditions here as stated on the ticket and as extensively outlined in this website.